Planning for your family’s future is perhaps the greatest show of affection that you can give. Your age does not matter. You need to plan for the expected and for the unexpected, now before the need arises and you cannot. I can help you plan. I strive to make the process as easy as possible an as painless as possible. Here is how I can  help:

Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

From a planning perspective, this is simply an extension of my financial services. Under these areas of law, I can help explain the importance of having a will, doing estate planning, and help you plan for the future.
Every adult should have a will. If you should die unexpectedly, a will establishes your heirs and the distribution of you property. Do not leave this decision up to a court. The Texas Probate Code has a built in plan that will end up costing more money than an Estate plan. Whether you have an existing will or need a new will, I can help.


If you find yourself in need after a loved one passes, I can help with all of the probate needs of the estate.


A Guardianship may be required when a person has lost the mental awareness or capacity necessary to make health and financial decisions for themselves.  Guardianships may include minors or young adults who are suffering from mental illness and cannot care for themselves. In these situations, parents may need the legal authority to make medical and financial decisions for their child. Also, elderly citizens who have mental illnesses may require a guardianship as well. Because guardianships may not be needed in all situations, a good attorney can explain alternatives or options to guardianships. I can do that.


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